5000 downloads of 0.98, and progress on 0.98a

Weathermap 0.98 hit 5000 downloads yesterday… woo!

Also, work is going well on the database changes for 0.98a. The actual database stuff has all been replaced and about 70% tested. Some of the other changes have highlighted some issues though, so I’m working on those now. The solution has been to pull in some of the refactored code from last year, which is tricky in places – it is all interdependent, so you have to try and break bits off cleanly. So now I am working through, weaving the two parts back together again.

Anyway, the end result will be some nicer code that most people won’t care about, and PHP 7 working, which they will! I don’t plan on this taking a lot longer, spare time permitting.

11 thoughts on “5000 downloads of 0.98, and progress on 0.98a

  1. Johan

    Great work on the weathermap. Im using cacti 0.8.8f and php7 so im waiting for the next release that will support it 🙂

  2. jared

    I was wondering if I could get some help.
    I am getting this error “PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /var/www/html/weathermap/weathermap on line 60”

    This is my line 60
    if ((new PEAR)->isError($ret)) { die (“Error in command line: ” . $ret->getMessage() . “\n (try –help)\n”); }


      1. jared


        Another issue I have come across. I ran the php weathermap and got the picture and browsed to it and everything. I went to the editor.php file and changed false to true so I could enable it.
        // so that you can’t have the editor active, and not know about it.

        When I go to editor.php the page is blank. When I go to weathermap.html I see the picture and stuff.

        1. jared

          If anyone else is having this issue or gets an error 500 on the website when they bring up editor.php, check the permissions of the files in weathermap/lib/. Mine were set so only I had access by default. Changed that all good.


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