Links between maps

Introduction Links between maps, and links to other sites are often requested as ‘new features’, even though they are already possible. Here are the things you need to know: Any node or link can have a URL associated with it, using the INFOURL keyword. Usually, this is a link to a Cacti graph or something[…]

New Site

To get the blog functionality, I’ve switched from a simple static template to WordPress. This currently has limited content – just the text from the previous static page and the manual pages as before. In particular I want to add some images to the the front page – a graphical tool with no pictures isn’t[…]

Survey results: this blog!

I recently posted a survey for Weathermap users, asking how they use it, which features they use, and which features they would value most for future versions. One thing that was surprising was requests for features that already exist! So that implies that some better documentation, or tutorial information would also be good. With that in[…]