NOTE: The new site here is partially complete. There's nothing actually incorrect, but there is still more to come, when I get time, including pulling across the how-to articles from the old site.

Weathermap is an open source network visualisation tool, to take data you already have and show you an overview of your network in map form.

Data is collected via plugins. Plugins are supplied for RRDtool, MRTG (RRD and old log-format), tab-delimited text files, SNMP, fping, external scripts, and Cacti-specific data. The RRDtool plugin means you have access to data from a large range of open source monitoring tools, including Cacti, Cricket, Zenoss, MRTG, Routers2, Munin, and many more. Other sources are supported via plugins or external scripts.

It also includes detailed documentation, and an interactive editor to make creating your own maps as painless as possible.

There is strong Cacti integration in particular, leveraging the Cacti plugin architecture to provide a management user interface, and access control for maps using Cacti's existing user database. Additional datasource plugins allow efficient access to data from Cacti's poller directly, and data from other Cacti plugins like THold and DSStats.

Weathermap is widely used by national and international ISPs, tier-1 carriers, internet exchanges, telcos, national academic networks, many Fortune 500 companies in finance, automotive, medical/pharma and other sectors, state and national government departments, schools and universities, and even a church.

PHP Weathermap 0.71 Released

Fixed database code in cacti-pick.php
Fixed up editor to handle blank maps better.
Fixed a problem with cached images in editor.

PHP Network Weathermap 0.7 Released

Updated the manual and example map to reflect all these changes.
Added config options for HTMLOUTPUTFILE and IMAGEOUTPUTFILE. The idea is to reduce the size of command-lines, and make the map files more self-contained. CLI options still take precedence.
Includes new 'DHTML' editor for the first time. This is still very much in testing - backup any map configs you edit with it first!
Fixed DrawLegend() to not go below a minimum width (it used to use the title length, but that can be too small now)

PHP Network Weathermap 0.6 Released

*BREAKAGE* Renamed weathermap.php to just 'weathermap' to make it more obviously not a PHP page.
Fixed up NODE name regexp (thanks Niels Baggesen)
Added warning for non-existent NODES in LINK (thanks again Niels Baggesen)
HTML fix for in generated HTML (Niels once more)
More HTML fixes to make us a bit more XHTML-like.
You can have an ICON and a LABEL now. LABEL is centred over the
NODE, for the moment. Also, there's a drop shadow effect, to make
it easier to read the overlaid text.

PHP Network Weathermap 0.5a Released

(0.5 was only available a few hours, before a couple of bugs showed up, so I've taken it off here)
Fixed asymmetric BANDWIDTH bug - thanks rpingar
Fix to make rrdtool commandline work on Windows - also thanks to rpingar
Added specification of RRD DS names in TARGET ( blah.rrd:ds0:ds1 - that's in then out)
Fix for different C libraries returning something other than NaN for a NaN (thru rrd) - now we look for good data rather than bad data.
Allow for decimals in BANDWIDTH specifications - 1.5M should work now

PHP Network Weathermap 0.4 Released

The most important changes in this version are the manual, and the following: NOTE: This version is not backwards-compatible. You will need to change your BANDWIDTH lines if you have existing configs.
Changed all internals to deal in bits/sec instead of bytes
Moved timestamp back up to the top-right corner.
*BREAKAGE* Changed BANDWIDTH to use bits too
Added support for K,M,G,T suffixes on bandwidth specs
Added KILO config file option to redefine 1K=1000 or 1K=1024 (or anything actually)
Added --sizedebug commandline option, to help with figuring out

PHP Network Weathermap 0.3 Released

Note: The editor.php needs to be renamed to wm.php to work at all, if you want to play with it. Thanks to mgb for pointing that out.
ICON config directive for NODEs added - same effect as jas0420's perl code
Fixed WriteConfig a little - TITLEs are written.
OVERLIBGRAPH config is written for NODES.
Added --image-uri option back in from the perl version

PHP Network Weathermap 0.2 Released

NODEs with no label aren't drawn but can still be an endpoint for a LINK.
Small bugfixes from mgb
Included the editor.php for people to see (see below)
Code tidyup for weathermap.php

PHP Network Weathermap 0.1 Released

Initial pre-release version.


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