NOTE: The new site here is partially complete. There's nothing actually incorrect, but there is still more to come, when I get time, including pulling across the how-to articles from the old site.

Weathermap is an open source network visualisation tool, to take data you already have and show you an overview of your network in map form.

Data is collected via plugins. Plugins are supplied for RRDtool, MRTG (RRD and old log-format), tab-delimited text files, SNMP, fping, external scripts, and Cacti-specific data. The RRDtool plugin means you have access to data from a large range of open source monitoring tools, including Cacti, Cricket, Zenoss, MRTG, Routers2, Munin, and many more. Other sources are supported via plugins or external scripts.

It also includes detailed documentation, and an interactive editor to make creating your own maps as painless as possible.

There is strong Cacti integration in particular, leveraging the Cacti plugin architecture to provide a management user interface, and access control for maps using Cacti's existing user database. Additional datasource plugins allow efficient access to data from Cacti's poller directly, and data from other Cacti plugins like THold and DSStats.

Weathermap is widely used by national and international ISPs, tier-1 carriers, internet exchanges, telcos, national academic networks, many Fortune 500 companies in finance, automotive, medical/pharma and other sectors, state and national government departments, schools and universities, and even a church.

Development progress

Just to prove that things are moving forward, here's what's happening in Weathermap World: Now that we've moved to Github (see the Development page for more on that), I've been working on improving the general quality and understandability of the code. Weathermap started out as my first PHP project, and it definitely showed! There were several enormous classes covering many responsibilities (bad design) and with long complex methods (e.g. the single node-drawing function is 500+ lines long).

Weathermap at the 2014 Berlinale film festival!

Weathermap at the Berlinale film festival, monitoring digital distribution of movies... (auf Deutsch)

PHP Network Weathermap 0.97c Released

In the 0.97b release, a number of files were moved out of the 'root' of the installation into subdirectories, and not all the relevant paths were updated. Also, some people reported issues with even unpacking the zip file.

So here is 0.97c - it's the same code, just with the correct paths, and one small editor bug fixed ("make a copy of an existing map" failed).

Sorry for any inconvenience!

PHP Network Weathermap 0.97b Released

Here is Weathermap 0.97b... There are a few small new features, but mostly it's over a dozen bugfixes including security changes - see the new Security Notes for more about that.
Full change history is available here, as usual.

Still To Fix


Welcome to the New Weathermap Site!

The old Weathermap site ran on Drupal 5, and suffered slightly from bit-rot after a few server migrations, so here's an all-new site, in Drupal 7, to coincide with the first new Weathermap version in a couple of years. The new site has nicer navigation, more information on the front page (including what it does, and a link to the current version), and the nice new logo that was designed for me a couple of years ago via The main downside is that it's not a straight export/import, so I have lost the existing user and comment database.

PHP Network Weathermap 0.97a Released

Here is Weathermap 0.97a. There are a few small new features, but mostly it's over a dozen bugfixes.
Full change history is available here, as usual.

PHP Network Weathermap 0.97 Released

Since I haven't had any new bug reports lately for 0.97test4, and there have been around 250 downloads of it, I think it's time to call it a release. This is 0.97, which does contain some fixes relative to test4, but has mostly been tested by me and others for a few months now. As usual, the full changelog is here

PHP Network Weathermap 0.96a Released

Since I haven't had any new bug reports this week, this is Weathermap 0.96a, which fixes all reported bugs. Actually, I haven't had confirmation for a couple, but my testing shows that the problem is fixed. The changelog is here, as usual.

PHP Network Weathermap 0.96 Released

This one has been a long time coming. I'm going to try and do less between versions from now on! There are a lot of changes, including Templates and "angled via" links, to name some more visible ones. The full changelog is available here in the manual.

0.96 Features - RRDtool changes

0.96 Features - Cacti Changes

0.96 Features - Templates

PHP Network Weathermap 0.95b Released

There have been 50 downloads of the 'test release' now, and no reported problems, so it should be safe to call this 0.95b now. If you have already downloaded the test release then (a) thanks! and (b) don't bother downloading this, because it's the exact same file.
The change list for 0.95(+a+b) is pretty huge. There are some nice new features (artificial icons, rotated labels), and a lot of small tweaks. Bigger changes planned for 0.96.
Here's the ugly version of the changelog:

PHP Network Weathermap 0.95a Released

0.95 didn't last very long. After a week of testing and tweaking, here's 0.95a, which is what 0.95 should have been. Sorry for any problems caused by 0.95.
Update: 0.95a was reporting itself as 0.95 before 0815 on March 10th. I fixed the zip for such a minor thing, so no new version.
The change list for this one is pretty huge. There are some nice new features (artificial icons, rotated labels), and a lot of small tweaks. Bigger changes planned for 0.96.
Here's the ugly version of the changelog:


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